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Vapur® Atomizer

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Product Information:

The Vapur® Atomizer converts the liquid nicotine in your Vapur® Cartridge into vapor. It is activated when you inhale using your Vapur® Personal Vaporizer.

Requires a Battery and Cartridge.

Please handle with care. The Vapur® Atomizer contains micro-chips and circuitry and should not be stored near metallic objects, magnetized objects or electronic transmitting devices (such as keys and mobile phones).

Additional Views:

As an alternative to tobacco products, the VapurŪ electronic cigarette Starter Kit comes in black. The kit contains two rechargeable batteries, a charger with cord, an atomizer, and five cartridges with tobacco-flavored liquid essence. This electronic cigarette Starter Kit in black does not contain tobacco nor any of the other known carcinogens associated with traditional cigarette and tobacco use. Each VapurŪ electronic cigarette kit, once the three parts are put together, will produce only vapor and no secondhand smoke. Choose between red and blue LED lights for your VapurŪ electronic cigarette kit. Each LED light will remain lit when the electronic cigarette is in use.