Save money smoking Vapur® Electronic Cigarettes

About Electronic Cigarettes

What is there to know about electronic cigarettes? If you want to spend less money but cannot give up your smoking habit, consider purchasing an electronic cigarette kit from Vapurity. Each kit contains all three basics parts: the battery, atomizer, and a set of cartridges. An additional battery and charger are added.

A new smoking alternative product, electronic cigarettes have several advantages over their ordinary tar and tobacco counterparts. If you are uncertain about electronic cigarettes, consider these points:

Electronic cigarettes save you money over time. While a startup kit through Vapurity is $64.95, replacement cartridges are only about $10 for a set of five. Think this is too much? Consider the lifespan of just one cartridge. A single flavor essence cartridge, with or without nicotine, lasts as long as 15 to 20 ordinary cigarettes. A full pack of cartridges ends up lasting as long as five ordinary cigarette packs. Over time, only these and the battery need to be replaced.

No tar, no tobacco, no carcinogens. The health risks associated with ordinary cigarettes are a significant concern for yourself and for those around you. Even with tobacco flavor essence, electronic cigarettes do not use tobacco, tar, or any known carcinogens.

No secondhand smoke. Ordinary cigarettes have been banned from public places and bars simply for this reason. Because electronic cigarettes do not generate secondhand smoke, they can be used just about anywhere - and will not be a nuisance to those around you.

No ash and no litter. Do others hate it when you flick ash off the tip of your cigarette or put multiple butts in an ashtray? Electronic cigarettes will not get ash all over your home and reduce any smoking-related litter.

Flavor options. Have you ever wished ordinary cigarettes tasted less like tobacco and tar and more like chocolate or vanilla? Replacement cartridges come in many flavor options. With or without nicotine, replacement cartridges through Vapurity are available in tobacco, menthol, clove, grape, and apple flavors.

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