Save money smoking Vapur® Electronic Cigarettes

Cheap Electronic Cigarettes

If you've asked yourself, "Where do I buy cheap electronic cigarettes?" you've come to the right place. Electronic cigarettes, such as VapurŪ, are sold in starter kits, and the cost of such a set not only includes the atomizer, battery, and cartridge but a set of cartridges for future use and a charger with cord. As such sets can be sold up to $100 or more, finding cheap electronic cigarettes means looking out for deals. A VapurŪ starter kit costs $79.95 and includes all of the components needed to start using an electronic cigarette.

An automatic electronic cigarette, VapurŪ is battery-powered and generates a vapor from a flavor solution, with or without nicotine, that the user inhales. Reusable and refillable, VapurŪ detects airflow through the atomizer portion. A heating element, the atomizer vaporizes the liquid flavor solution, and then the user can inhale the vapor. The battery powers the entire device and provides an LED light that signals when the device is in use. Once the airflow is sensed, the LED light turns on and stays lit as long as the electronic cigarette is in use. VapurŪ has blue and red LED options.

Even cheap electronic cigarettes will need replacements eventually. The lithium-ion batteries, for example, can be recharged only a certain amount of times before a new one is needed. The cartridges, similarly, only last a limited amount of uses. Each cartridge has absorbent material saturated with the liquid flavor solution inside and needs to be replaced once the solution is gone.

Cartridges have variable amounts of nicotine. Those looking to stay away from the substance with their electronic cigarettes opt for a nicotine-free set, labeled as "zero" or "none." Nicotine is added in low to high doses for VapurŪ. "Low," the lowest available, has six milligrams per milliliters of nicotine added. "Medium," the next step up, has 11 mg/ml of nicotine. "High," the highest concentration available for VapurŪ, has 16 mg/ml of nicotine. Before being added to the cartridge, the nicotine is dissolved in propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and then added to the absorbent material.

Multiple flavors for the cartridges are also available. Tobacco is a common flavor, although no tobacco, tar, or carcinogens are added to the cartridge. Other flavors, including fruits, coffee, chocolate, and vanilla, are sold on the market.

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