Save money smoking Vapur® Electronic Cigarettes


An electronic cigarette, also referred to as an e-cigarette, is used an alternative to smoking. Battery-powered, an e-cigarette creates a vapor from a combination of an internal heat source and liquid flavor essence, and the user can inhale this without creating any secondhand smoke. The liquid, stored in the cartridge of the e-cigarette, can vary in flavor, although tobacco and other cigarette-related options are possible. This may give the user the physical and flavor sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette.

An e-cigarette starter kit is the most common method to start using this product. Vapur®, for example, comes in two kit options – black and silver – but both contain an atomizer, two rechargeable batteries, a charger with cord, and five cartridges. An automatic e-cigarette, Vapur® turns on when the device senses airflow when the user inhales. This activates the heating element in the atomizer, and the liquid flavor essence stored in the cartridge, or mouthpiece, changes into vapor, which the user inhales.

The entire device is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which needs to be recharged on occasion and will need to be replaced over time. Each battery for an e-cigarette has an LED light on the end. This LED lights up when the cigarette turns on and stays on when the device is in use. Vapur® has blue and red LED options.

The cartridge is another portion of an e-cigarette that needs to be replaced on occasion. Each kit contains five cartridges, and a new one needs to be added once the liquid solution inside is gone. Sets of cartridges, such as those that come with e-cigarette kits, have variable levels of nicotine. If you're looking for a set without nicotine, "none" or "zero" options are sold. Small to high concentrations of nicotine are available; "low" has a six milligrams per milliliter concentration, and "high" has a 16 mg/ml concentration.

Multiple flavor options are available for e-cigarette cartridges. Vapur® kits start out with five tobacco-flavored ones, but other cigarette-related flavors, such as menthol, and fruit, chocolate, vanilla, and coffee flavors are sold.

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