Save money smoking Vapur® Electronic Cigarettes


An electronic cigarette, also referred to casually as an ecig, is an alternative to using tobacco products. Not only does using one cost less in the long term, but an ecig does not generate secondhand smoke and can be used nearly anywhere. A battery-powered device, an ecig starts out as a kit for the user and needs refills over time. Reusable and refillable, an ecig generates flavored vapor, with or without nicotine, that the user inhales.

Automatic and manual are two options for an ecig, and VapurŪ is automatic. When the device senses airflow from the user, the ecig heats up through the atomizer, the heating element, and vaporizes the liquid flavor solution stored in the mouthpiece, or cartridge. The ecig starter kit contains these two parts and also two rechargeable batteries and a charger with a cord. The battery powers the device and also has an LED light at the end. When the ecig is in use, the LED light will turn on and stay lit. The light goes off when the device is put down. The VapurŪ has red and blue options for the LED.

Both the battery and cartridge need to be replaced over time. The lithium-ion battery, although rechargeable, runs out of energy at some point, and a new one needs to be added. The ecig refill cartridges, on the other hand, need to be replaced as soon as the liquid flavor solution runs out. Each cartridge contains a piece of absorbent material saturated with the solution, which can contain nicotine. Nicotine-free cartridges are available and are labeled as "none" or "zero" for sale. Nicotine is added in varying concentrations. "Low" has the smallest amount, a concentration of six milligrams for milliliter. "Medium," an 11 mg/ml concentration, is the next step up. "High" has the most available for VapurŪ, with 16 mg/ml.

The liquid solution is also available in various flavors. The ecig starter kit has tobacco-flavored cartridges, but hundreds of other flavors are available on the market. Flavors from menthol to fruit and chocolate can be found for a set of cartridges.

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