Save money smoking Vapur® Electronic Cigarettes


The ecigarette, a casual name for an electronic cigarette, is a battery-powered device that produces vapor. One can be used in place of tobacco products and uses a flavor solution, with or without nicotine, for the vapor. The vapor produced, however, may have the flavor and sensation of tobacco, although the ecigarette does not generate secondhand smoke. The device can be used in many areas and gives the user freedom to smoke nearly anywhere.

An ecigarette starter kit is the best way to start using the device. Vapur® starter kits come in two varieties – black and silver finishes – and all contain a three-part system. An ecigarette atomizer, or vaporizer, is included, in addition to two rechargeable batteries, five cartridges, and a charger with a cord. An automatic ecigarette, the Vapur® detects airflow through the atomizer, which activates its heating element to convert the liquid flavor solution in the cartridge, or mouthpiece, into vapor. The user, then, can inhale the flavored vapor.

An ecigarette also contains a battery to power the device. This lithium-ion battery needs to be recharged on occasion and will need to be replaced over time. Each battery contains an LED light at the end to signal when the device is on and in use. The LED light stays on while the ecigarette is in use and turns off when the user puts it down.

The cartridge portion of an ecigarette needs to be replaced over time, as well. Each cartridge contains absorbent material saturated with liquid flavor solution and, once the solution is gone, a new cartridge needs to be added. A set of cartridges may contain nicotine, which would be dissolved in propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin before being added to the absorbent material. Ecigarette refill cartridges may be nicotine-free and are labeled as "none" or "zero" when being sold. Nicotine is added in small to large amounts for refill cartridges. The lowest is "low," which has a six milligrams per milliliter concentration, and "high" has a 16 mg/ml concentration. Additionally, several flavors, ranging from tobacco to fruit, are available for refill cartridges.

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