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Electric Cigarette

The electric cigarette, another name for an electronic or e-cigarette, is a battery-powered device that creates a vapor, with or without nicotine, that the user can inhale. The device can be used nearly anywhere, as no secondhand smoke is emitted. As an alternative to tobacco, the electric cigarette gives the user the freedom to smoke in many places. Although secondhand smoke won't be released into the area surrounding, the vapor from an electric cigarette may have a flavor or sensation similar to that of tobacco. No tar or carcinogens are involved, however.

The VapurŪ electric cigarette is an automatic model activated when airflow from the user is detected. A sensor is included in the atomizer portion, and, as soon as airflow is sensed, the atomizer's heating element turns on and vaporizes the liquid solution in the cartridge, or mouthpiece. The battery powers the electric cigarette and contains an LED light at the end. The LED turns on when the device is activated and stays on when the electric cigarette is in use. The VapurŪ has red and blue options for this light.

A kit for an electric cigarette contains these three parts, although replacements will be needed in the future. A VapurŪ electric cigarette contains an atomizer, two rechargeable batteries, a charger with cord, and five cartridges. The cartridges and battery will need to be replaced at some point. The cartridges, in particular, come in a few options. If you're looking for an electric cigarette with no nicotine, a set of cartridges with no nicotine, labeled as "none" or "zero," are available for purchase. Higher concentrations of six, 11, and 16 milligrams per milliliters are available, as well.

The vapor generated by an electric cigarette may remind smokers of using a tobacco product. Flavor options for cartridges include tobacco and menthol, as well as other cigarette-related, flavors. Fruit and sweet flavors, however, have also gained in popularity on the market. When nicotine is added to the flavor essence, it is dissolved in propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin first and then added to the absorbent material inside the cartridge.

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