Save money smoking Vapur® Electronic Cigarettes

Electric Cigarettes

Electric cigarettes, another name for electronic cigarettes, are battery-powered devices used as an alternative to tobacco products. No matter if the device is manual or automatic, a sensor activates a heat source inside, which then produces vapor from a liquid solution stored in the mouthpiece, or cartridge, and this is inhaled by the user. Vapur® is an automatic electric cigarette consisting of three parts and comes in two kit options – black and silver.

Electric cigarettes, such as Vapur®, are reusable and refillable and are designed with a tube or pen style. An automatic model like Vapur® is activated by inhalation, which is detected by the atomizer. The atomizer heats up and then vaporizes the liquid flavor solution, with or without nicotine, in the mouthpiece, or cartridge. The battery, at the end of the device, is rechargeable and powers the electric cigarette. An LED light is added to the tip of the battery and turns on whenever the electric cigarette is activated. It stays on until the device is no longer in use. The Vapur® has red and blue options for the LED.

Electric cigarettes are sold in kits, and each one contains an atomizer, two rechargeable batteries, a charger with cord, and five cartridges. The batteries and cartridges need to be replaced over time. The cartridges, in particular, allow for several flavor and nicotine-level options. The nicotine solution for electric cigarettes is included in the cartridges and has four levels. Those not wanting any nicotine can go for the "none" or "zero" cartridges. Levels ranging from "low" to "high" have concentrations of six, 11, and 16 milligrams per milliliter. Before the nicotine is added, it is dissolved in propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and then added to the absorbent material inside the cartridge.

Cartridges for electric cigarettes are made with nearly hundreds of flavors. Tobacco flavor, for example, is common, as it gives the user the flavor and physical sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. Other cigarette flavors, such as menthol, are also available on the market. Those looking for something sweeter can find fruit, chocolate, vanilla, and coffee flavors, in addition to many more, to use with their electric cigarettes.

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