Save money smoking Vapur® Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Kits

Use of an electronic cigarette begins with a kit, such as that for Vapur®. An electronic cigarette starter kit has all of the components needed for the device to operate and be used. Some of these components, such as cartridges and batteries, may need to be replaced over time. A starter kit gives the user an introduction to the use of electronic cigarettes, and ones like Vapur® are priced affordably.

An electronic cigarette kit consists of all parts needed for the battery-powered device that creates vapor, with or without nicotine, to be inhaled by the user. Some use a tube or pen style for the cigarette body, but, no matter the form, all parts included in the kit are the same. Each includes an atomizer, two batteries, five cartridges, and a charger with a cord.

An automatic model like Vapur® activates when the user inhales. The atomizer – essentially the heat source for the device – senses the airflow and initializes the heating element, which vaporizes the solution in the cartridge, or the mouthpiece. The battery portion keeps the device powered and has an LED light at the end. No matter if you choose blue or red for the LED, the light turns on when the electronic cigarette is in use and stays on, until the user puts it down.

The five cartridges that come with a Vapur® electronic cigarette starter kit have a general tobacco flavor but come in varying degrees of nicotine. Cartridges with no nicotine, labeled as "zero" or "none," can be purchased, but a user looking for a level of nicotine has three options from which to choose. The lowest is "low," which has a six milligrams per milliliter concentration. "Medium" is the next level up, with an 11 mg/ml concentration. The highest is "high," which has a 16 mg/ml concentration. The nicotine is dissolved in propylene glycol or vegetable oil before being added to the cartridge, and more flavors are available for replacement cartridges.

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