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Electronic Cigarette Review

Many electronic cigarettes are on the market, and VapurŪ is one of them. As an automatic electronic cigarette, VapurŪ has a three-part system that is reusable and refillable. VapurŪ is an alternative to smoking tobacco products, as the device allows the user to inhale doses of a flavor with or without nicotine. For an electronic cigarette review, some of the points for VapurŪ include:

• An automatic design. When the user inhales, the device, through the atomizer, detects airflow by a sensor, and the atomizer – the device's heating element – is activated. The heat from the atomizer vaporizes the flavor solution in the cartridge, or mouthpiece, and the user, then, gets a dose of flavored vapor.

• Two color options for the LED. The battery component of VapurŪ contains an LED light on the end. This LED is lit when the electronic cigarette is in use and stays on when in use. The VapurŪ has red and blue LED light options.

• Multiple options for cartridges. Some use electronic cigarettes for the flavor, and others for the safer nicotine rush. VapurŪ flavor cartridge refills come in several flavors and nicotine strengths. Users wanting no nicotine can go for the "none" variety. The next step up is "low," a cartridge with a six milligram per milliliter concentration. "Medium" has an 11 milligram per milliliter concentration, and the strongest, or "high," has a 16 mg/ml concentration.

• Using a rechargeable battery. Two rechargeable batteries come with every VapurŪ Starter Kit and more can be purchased for future use.

• Less is spent on maintaining the VapurŪ than on continual tobacco use.

Consider the points in this electronic cigarette review when you purchase a personal vaporizer. An alternative to tobacco products, the VapurŪ is an affordable and safer option for smoking with or without nicotine.

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