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It has become a habit by now: whenever you need a new pack of ordinary tar and tobacco cigarettes, you head to the convenience store and buy your favorite kind. But prices keep on going up, and certainly consuming all that tar and tobacco over the years isn't good for your health. Is there another alternative that gives the same sensation but cuts down on money and health costs?

Find the Vapur® starter kit in our online electronic cigarette shop. Although all kits have an upfront fee, the amount of money you would spend ordinarily diminishes over time. Just as you might have seen in a late-night infomercial or in a demonstration at the mall, electronic cigarettes generate no secondhand smoke, do not use tar or tobacco, and only need the cartridges and battery replaced over time.

Each kit purchased from our online electronic cigarette shop comes with three basic components: a battery, an atomizer, and a set of five cartridges. A second battery and a charger are added as well. The battery, atomizer, and a cartridge attach to each other and need to be turned on. Once the device is activated, the battery makes the atomizer heat up, which turns the liquid inside the cartridge into vapor. The user just needs to inhale.

Kits aren't the only products sold in our electronic cigarette shop. Find replacement cartridges in tobacco and other flavors. Called Vapur® Essence, these cartridges have optional nicotine strengths and only cost $9.95 for one pack. A cartridge alone lasts about as long as 15 to 20 cigarettes. Think about that: one cartridge, which lasts nearly as long as a full pack of ordinary cigarettes, only ends up costing $2. A full set of cartridges, then, lasts as long as 75 to 100 cigarettes.

Cut out the tar and tobacco from your life by finding a starter kit and replacement cartridges in our online cigarette store. Choose from black and silver colors for the kit.

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