Save money smoking Vapur® Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes Best Brands

If you have done a search on the internet for "electronic cigarettes," you have likely come across several, if not hundreds, of brands. How do you know which are the best brands of electronic cigarettes and which to steer clear from?

All reviews of electronic cigarettes proclaim that such-and-such brand is the best on the market. While nearly all electronic cigarette kits have similar features, some have advantages over others. As one of the best brands of electronic cigarettes, Vapurity stands above its competitors with the following points:

Affordably priced starter kits. Prices for electronic cigarette starter kits vary widely on the internet. Some brands, in fact, sell basic startup kits at nearly $130. Although electronic cigarettes are designed to save you money over time, a $130 startup fee is a bit steep. Vapur® electronic cigarette starter kits are priced at $64.95 and include all basic parts: a battery, an atomizer, and a set of five cartridges. An additional battery and a charger are also added.

Two sophisticated style options. Electronic cigarettes simulate the experience of smoking with tobacco-flavored vapor essence and nicotine, but should the design? Many brands of electronic cigarettes opt to make their products look like the real thing, with a white body and orange filter-like tip. The end glows red to even appear like ash. These colors make certain electronic cigarettes stand out at a distance - or appear distinctly phony. The solid black or silver color with a blue glowing tip of Vapur® electronic cigarettes is inconspicuous.

Multiple flavor essences. Vapur® electronic cigarette starter kits include a set of five cartridges with tobacco flavor essence to simulate the smoking experience as closely as possible. If you get tired of tobacco, Vapurity has several other flavor essences, some also mimicking cigarettes: menthol, clove, grape, or apple. Have some flavor variation with your electronic cigarette.

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