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Electronic Cigarettes Filter Flavors

Electronic cigarettes are more than alternative smoking devices. Used as personal vaporizers, electronic cigarettes are not limited to tobacco-flavored essences. Instead, replacement cartridges through Vapurity can mimic other types of cigarettes - menthol or cloves - or come in sweet flavors.

Filter flavors for electronic cigarettes allow the device to seem cigarette-like or generate sweet-tasting vapor. Aside from the flavor, however, cartridges, or filters, may contain nicotine. At Vapurity, replacement cartridges may have no nicotine or varying strengths up to 16 mg/ml. Choose from filter flavors with or without nicotine for electronic cigarettes in menthol, cloves, tobacco, grape, or apple.

Filter flavors for electronic cigarettes are part of the smoking experience. Many turn to electronic cigarettes as a less-expensive and safer alternative. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar, or any of the carcinogens found in ordinary cigarettes, but instead tobacco or menthol flavor filters attempt to replicate the taste of smoking as closely as possible. The nicotine also helps with the experience. Not only will the vapor taste like tobacco or menthol cigarettes, but it will also give you a nicotine rush.

Purchasing filter flavors is part of owning an electronic cigarette, but cartridges end up saving you significantly over time. What do you spend per month - or even per week - on cigarettes now? A pack of standard cigarettes costs between $7 and $10, depending on area, and may only last a day. A single cartridge, however, lasts as long as 15 to 20 ordinary tar and tobacco cigarettes. A full set of five cartridges lasts as long as 75 to 100 cigarettes, or almost five cigarette packs.

Start on a better path with electronic cigarettes. Vapur® electronic cigarette kits have all basic parts to get you started: an atomizer, a battery, and a set of five cartridges. An additional battery and a charger are also included.

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