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Electronic Vapor Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a significant step above ordinary tobacco and tar varieties. In particular, vapor replaces the tar, tobacco, and other carcinogens found in ordinary cigarette smoke. As many cities have banned smoking from bars and public places, smokers have nowhere to turn. In instances like these, electronic vapor cigarettes are helpful for getting a quick and inconspicuous nicotine fix.

Electronic vapor cigarettes, like those sold at Vapurity, consist of three basic parts: a cartridge filled with liquid, an atomizer, and a battery. Starter kits include a second battery and a charger. When all three parts are put together and turned on, the battery activates the atomizer, which heats up and turns the liquid inside the cartridge into vapor, which the user inhales.

Electronic vapor cigarettes create a safer smoking experience for yourself and those around you. While the liquid inside the cartridge may contain nicotine (nicotine and nicotine-free cartridges are sold at Vapurity), the device itself generates no secondhand smoke and does not generate ash. Instead, you simply inhale vapor from the cartridge.

Although electronic vapor cigarettes are not quitting devices, they are alternatives to ordinary tar and tobacco cigarettes and try to simulate the smoking experience as close as possible. Cartridges from Vapurity, for instance, come with a tobacco flavor, although no actual tobacco is used, and have varying degrees of nicotine. The vapor mimics the flavor and sensation of ordinary smoke.

The vapor does not always need to taste of tobacco. Plenty of other flavors with and without nicotine are available. At Vapurity, replacement cartridges are sold with menthol, grape, apple, and clove essences, in addition to tobacco flavor.

Cost may seem like a hurdle for purchasing electronic vapor cigarettes, but you end up saving money over time. A starter kit at Vapurity costs $64.95 and comes with a set of five cartridges. Over time, only the cartridges and the battery need to be replaced. A single cartridge lasts as much as 15 to 20 cigarettes, however. At almost $10 for a set of five, a cartridge can last as long as five packs of ordinary cigarettes.

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