Save money smoking Vapur® Electronic Cigarettes

Vapur® Replacement Cartridges (5pk)

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Starter Kit Includes: 5 pack of  Vapur® replacement cartridges (filled) as well as...

Choice of 4 Nicotine Strengths:
  • High (16mg)
  • Medium (11mg)
  • Low (6mg)
  • None (0mg)

Choice of 5 Flavor Essences:
  • Apple Flavor
  • Clove Flavor
  • Grape Flavor
  • Menthol Flavor
  • Tobacco Flavor

Product Information: Vapur® replacement cartridges are pre-filled with Vapur® liquid essences. Please be sure to select the nicotine strength and essence desired when ordering.

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VapurŪ electronic cigarettes need replacement cartridges over time. Order a set of electronic cigarette cartridges for your VapurŪ through our website. Each pack is pre-filled with flavored liquid essences. These, then, become vapor when the cartridge is used with the atomizer and battery. VapurŪ electronic cigarette refillable cartridges come in packs of five and offer a choice of four nicotine strengths. Choose from "none," with no nicotine; "low," with six milligrams per milliliter; "medium," with 11 mg/ml; and "high" with 16 mg/ml. Select the strength of nicotine and the flavor for your cartridges when ordering a refill set.